Cannabis for health and healing?

We say YES! A Friend Indeed is a Prop 215 Compliant Nonprofit Association created with the intent of helping those who are truly in need. Our mission is to provide safe, discreet access to only the absolute finest, potent, clean, safe, and whenever possible, connoisseur quality medicine to those who need it. With the recent upheaval in the healthcare industry, access to alternative methods of treatment is more important than ever. We understand the need for, and the value of these medicines for those suffering through various ailments and chronic conditions, where traditional medicine has left much to be desired. Giving patients the tools to treat these conditions, as well as to alleviate suffering wherever possible, and doing so with a sense of integrity, is what drives us to do what we do for our patients.

This collective was started by patients, for patients. Our donations are considerably less than other collectives for patients who need larger amounts of medicine. The reason for this is that we take the idea of being a nonprofit seriously. We started the collective to help patients, not to make profits. The bottom line is that coming out of pocket to acquire the amount of medicine that a true patient needs is not easy, so want to make the best quality medicine available to more people.

Our Patients Are Our Number One Priority.

Our entire team is here to help you….from our dispatcher to our drivers, we want to know your concerns and how we may relieve your ailments.

Take the natural approach with our medicinal Marijuana to calm your anxiety, relieve stress, regain your appetite, and get some much needed sleep. We can also help you alleviate pain, reduce muscle cramps, or stop spasms. Choose from a wide selection of different strains and edibles available to you on our menu.

We will always make sure that every patient is satisfied to our best ability and provide the best care possible.

We LOVE and are GRATEFUL to all our U.S. Military and are proud to offer a Veteran Discount.
We hope to be your first choice when it comes to meeting your alternative medicine needs, and we look forward to having you join our collective! *Please note that we charge an additional 2% fee for Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard transactions. Thank you for your understanding
Our Toll Free# is:(800) 251-7078


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